SalesSchool Learning Guide (Hard Copy Book)

SalesSchool Learning Guide (Hard Copy Book)

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As an entrepreneur, founder or CEO of an early stage company, one of the greatest challenges you face is generating sales revenue quickly.


It is likely much time, effort and resources have been focused on the development of the product (rightly so) but now investors and your company finances needs sales growth and customers to survive.


The SalesSchool Guide prioritises, distills and simplifies proven world class techniques to help businesses think, plan and execute for fast sales success.


Developed by experts with 40 years experience leading sales teams and designing and implementing sales development programmes across the globe, SalesSchool is simply framed around 3 core levers: Sales Pipeline, Customer Understanding and the Sales Conversation.


Each lever comprises detailed yet pragmatic steps you and your colleagues should take and is broken down into sections with a tool, example and practical advice to help accelerate your learning.


By using this guide you will be able to:

  1. Size and prioritise opportunities to help allocate resource and forecast future revenues.
  2. Appreciate how a customer's business works, their needs, their goals and ambitions to determine how your product helps them deliver that.
  3. Be ready to talk about your product in language your customer will understand and show how best it meets their needs and solves their issues.


It will also increase investors confidence in your sales process and capabilities.


This 36 page A4 book has been designed to help develop skills for any member of the team, now give Sales the right focus and resource it deserves and watch your company grow!

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